Practice: Names to Formulas
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Practice: Names to Formulas

Practice Using Name to get Formula

Your familiarity with the names of ions should allow you to use the names of ionic compounds to determine their formulas. Take some time now to get some practice figuring out the formulas of the few ionic compounds listed below (and also in exercise 13 in your workbook). Answers follow at the bottom of this page.

Practice: Names to Formulas

Determine the formula for each of the following compounds.

a. aluminum hydroxide

b. barium chloride

c. cobaltic carbonate

d. iron(II) sulfate



a. aluminum hydroxide  -  Al(OH)3

b. barium chloride  -  BaCl2

c. cobaltic carbonate  -  Co2(CO3)3

d. iron(II) sulfate  -  FeSO4


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