Practice: Polyatomic Ions
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Practice: Polyatomic Ions

Practice with Formulas Containing Polyatomic Ions

Now try your hand at the following exercise (also shown in your workbook as exercise 11). When you have done that, check your answers at the bottom of this page or with the instructor.

Determining Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds with Polyatomic Ions

Determine the names and formulas of the compounds formed from these combinations of ions.

Cation Anion Formula Name
Na+ CO32-    
Ca2+ PO43-    
Al3+ OH-    
K+ ClO3-    
Fe2+ SO42-    
Fe3+ NO3-    
Cu2+ C2H3O2-    
NH4+ NO3-    





Cation Anion Formula Name
Na+ CO32- Na2CO3 sodium carbonate
Ca2+ PO43- Ca3(PO4)2 calcium phosphate
Al3+ OH- Al(OH)3 aluminum hydroxide
K+ ClO3- KClO3 potassium chlorate
Fe2+ SO42- FeSO4 iron(II) sulfate
ferrous sulfate
Fe3+ NO3- Fe(NO3)3 iron(III) nitrate
ferric nitrate
Cu2+ C2H3O2- Cu(C2H3O2)2 copper(II) acetate
cupric acetate
NH4+ NO3- NH4NO3 ammonium nitrate


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