Periodic Table Trends
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Atomic Size
Ionization Energy
Tendency to Lose Electrons
Tendency to Gain Electrons
Electron Affinity
Ionic Size


Periodic Table Trends


If you were to look carefully at many of the properties of the elements, you would notice something besides the similarity of the properties within the groups. You would notice that many of these properties change in a fairly regular fashion that is dependent on the position of the element in the periodic table. And of course, that is what you will do next. As you compare elements from left to right across the periodic table, you will notice a trend or regular change in a number of properties. The same thing happens if you go up and down on the periodic table and compare the properties of the elements. 

The properties that you will look at in this section are atomic size and ionic size, ionization energy, tendencies to lose and gain electrons, electron affinity, and chemical reactivity.

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